Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obama: "If you've been successful you didn't get there on your own." Government helped.

How can a person leading our country be so dumb?
To me this is a fool who has never owned or run a business saying government did it for me.

At a young age I began working with my Dad who contracted jobs on his off days as a firefighter. At 16 I contracted my first job. It was only a few hundred dollars but I bid it, hired my own help and put out a good job. At the age of 17, I was contracting roofing, paint, tile and repair jobs. Before I turned 18 I quit school and joined the United States Navy where I became a firefighter, damage control and carpenter.
Leaving the service and returning to Amarillo, Texas I found the city was in a severe financial downfall. I heard of a job opening at a fast food restaurant. When I went to apply there was over 30 people standing in line for the $2.85 an hour job.

As the years went on I worked for other employers but was never happy. I saw a sign in a Dallas saying: "If You Want To Work We Want You" I applied for the job and was told they would get in touch. I told them no, their sign said if I wanted to work they wanted me. They finally called a manager in because I wouldn't leave. The next morning I went to work building gas lamps and grills. Four months later I  was moved to the office and put in charge of inventory control. Most people thought I had it made but I wasn't happy. I wanted to be my own boss. This played a large part in costing me my first marriage.

Over the years I started different businesses where many times I found myself laying face down in the dirt. I slept on beaches, in the back of other peoples' pickups and behind dumpsters but I wouldn't give up.
After many years of ups and downs I finally made it.

In no way did government ever bail me out or give me help. If you went under you had one of two choices:  
  • You could pick yourself up and start over, or 
  • You could lay there feeling sorry for yourself.
The businesses I have today were built on sacrifice and hard work, not government assistance.
So I say to Obama: Kiss where the sun doesn't shine. I have seen how you handle taxpayers money. Know what you are talking about before you open your mouth
To your friends who want to live off the government I could care less if they starve.

You have heard my opinion - Now let me hear yours!

Radical Richard


  1. 1Tea-edTexan19/7/12 9:35 AM

    Richard, Your little bio above is like the life struggle/story of most Americans, and people the world over. In this country it stems from clinging to the Protestant ethic of "hard work, sacrafice and perseverence" of the individual...NOT THE COMMUNITY. I believe that our free loading president sees other people as he sees himself, that they are incompetent, not responsible and unable to care for their dom estic needs without government assistance. He believes it but it but is demeaning and insulting.

  2. But you know, Richard, that at sometime you drove on a road the govt paid for (with your money). So there it is, just as obozo said, you didn't do it on your own, the govt did it. In fact obozo probably did it himself.

  3. I'm really pissed about this! The audacity of a person who has never held a real job...The POTUS doesn't have one iota of business sense or how to communicate in a bipartisan way. All he thinks about is himself. Without government creating the jobs he held he'd be nothing. Yes all the work he ever did was created by government.

    He has just put down the people who are the backbone of this country. I hear a lot of Dems are pissed off too! In my opinion he degrades the businesses who suffered to provide jobs for fellow citizens. Obama must go.

  4. The company I work for is a very small family run business of 75 years. They work 6 or 7 days a week when necessary. They were livid when they heard Obama's statement, "If you've been successful you didn't get there on your own." Believe me they never took anything from the government, complied with all their rules.

    These people voted for Obama in 08 but are now on a major campaign to throw him out of office. I welcome the change in atmosphere at my job. I can now discuss how horrible Obama and Dems are and they listen and agree.

  5. TeaPartyDeanie20/7/12 3:16 PM

    None of us got where we are today because of government...Unless of course you're Barack Obama! The idiot has always been on the take to get what he wanted. Now he has taken our country for granted and is trying to take self satisfaction away!

    He has the most prestigious position in the world which (I think) he came by dishonestly. Yes his job is government created but is also supposed to be by and for the people NOT one person or party.

    It's time we told Obama to take his government job and get the hell out.
    Watch the following video...It is truly a miracle