Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Liberals Way To Power

A wave of unrest is beginning to grow across our Nation. As Conservatives hold their peacful town hall meetings and Tea Party's, the Liberals show their true colors by trying to disrupt the activities.

While at the Searchlight Tea Party (home of Harry Reid) in Nevada, I saw no outbreaks of anger from the participants. Dems, Ind, and Repubs gathered to protest how Washington is destroying our future. It did not matter what party you represented, but what you stood for and what you want for your children in the future.

The organizers expected around 2,000 people to show up, according to the security and crowd control estimates are 30,000 plus. This is not counting the people who were turned away because there was no more room for parking. The people showed honor not only to the flag but to each other as well.

I met a person named Steven E Maikoski who wrote the book "Initial Points In Politics." Steve is a registered Democrat who is fighting for the same thing all of us are.

As I was handing out literature about our website a lady in her seventies came up and handed me a button with a picture of Harry Reid flipping us off and holding a tea cup. It read "You're invited to High Tea." After giving me a hug and telling me to keep up the good work, she said "This is what our Representatives think of us."
As The Tea Party bus was coming through Searchlight, they were met by a group of Liberals throwing eggs at them and walking hand in hand blocking people from entering the Tea Party. Though the Liberals made fools of themselves, the participants never acted in anger.

Is this what our Government is coming to? Do they believe the only way to fight us is with anger and violence? It's a sad day when you look at ignorance and know these are your neighbors and fellow countrymen. I believe these people will destroy themselves in the end.

Patriots who have never taken a stand before are grouping together saying "Enough Is Enough. Hear our voices because We Are The People."

People can only be pushed so far before they reach the breaking point and reataliate. This is a great Country. Don't let it be destroyed by a party of Freedom Haters. Let your voice be heard in November.
Let our young people 20 to 40 years from now still be able to pledge their allegiance to the Flag and say "God Bless America" without fear of oppression.

Freedom Fighter


  1. I'm like you, I think Liberals are hanging themselves. I haven't had the opportunity to attend a Tea Party yet, but I did watch Searchlight on Fox News. Sarah Palin gave an excellent talk. I have heard on April 14th in Boston they are having a Tea Party. That's only about 80 miles from my home and myself and some friends are going.

  2. Mad Sally's Roommate4/4/10 4:09 PM

    I have to agree with you FF. The Liberals do seem to be making fools of themselves. What little I saw on TV of the Tea Party in Searchlight, it amazed me how so many people of all parties could get together without any arguments starting. Mad Sally, my roommate, has talked me into trying to attend a Tea Party when there is one close. I think I will have to go.

  3. I think your article is very out of place here FF. I don't think Liberals are showing their ignorance, I think they are showing their true feelings. You make all Liberals appear stupid. Being a Liberal myself I feel this administration is doing some good for our country. I think your statement should be retracted.

  4. The Liberals are showing their ignorance. They can't protest without trying to cause trouble and then they blame it on the people of the TEA Party. They don't like it because this Administration is making them look like fools but they just won't admit it.

  5. I'm a Democrat and very sorry to say that, I met you at the Tea Party Richard and was very impressed. As you were giving away your bumper stickers you told me you are RR and FF. I'm so worried about my children. Where do I turn from here? This man in office right now is moving so fast I want to choke him. You are a person I want to listen to please give me an answer.

  6. S Jay - Retract my article the dickens! If anything I think I should expand on it. Left Wing Extremists are placing hecklers among the Tea Party Participants, telling them to start trouble in order to make us look bad. To me they are a bunch of idiots making fools of only themselves. If you wish to be a Liberal you are entitled to that, just don't get you're little ruffled socks in a wad.

  7. I enjoyed your comment MSR. You make some very good statements why don't you become an active member of my blogsite? I hope you and Sally do attend a Tea Party. I believe you will have a great time meeting all the different groups of people.

  8. Rebel Bill5/4/10 4:45 PM

    I feel that trying to show anger is the only thing Liberals understand. They will go to great lengths to try to stop the Tea Party movement.

  9. Nice blog post and its right on target. And "Swinging" gives support to your point by displaying what liberals believe: Feelings = Intellect.

    Then he also tells you that your own thoughts are out of place being posted on your own blog!! And he asserts that YOU are making all liberals look stupid...if this is true YOU are doing a hell of a good job!

  10. Freedom Fighter6/4/10 11:50 AM

    Judy E - Your question is one I hear many times. Like you I believe the Sovereigncy of our Constitution is in jeopardy. As for being afraid for our grandkids I am too. The only way I feel we can beat this is to educate as many people as possible including the younger generation. The reason this man is moving with so much speed is because I believe he knows he is going to loose his support in the House and Senate in November.
    As I have said many times, I still believe in 5 +5 = victory. Five people educating five more who in turn do the same thing. At the very first Tea Party I ever attended in Odessa an elderly gentleman asked me "What can I do I am just one person?" I told him about the 5+5 and to this day he is working with people and still stays in constant contact with us. If we group together our voice will be heard in Washington DC.

  11. I would like to commend on a well spoken article. I do agree the liberals are hurting themselves. I was surprised to see my roommate commented on it. Much to my surprise she has agreed to go to a Tea Party with me. I think she'll be an Independent by November.

  12. concerned gramps6/4/10 7:45 PM

    wish I could teach my kids who are all liberals to read what you have to say. i think they will pay for this in the end but I dont want to see it. I like the story and hope some of my friends will read it.

  13. You are right when you say there is a wave of unrest going across this country. I have never seen so much anger and frustration in people as I see today. When you talk to them, it's like they don't know which way to turn or what to do. The protestors at the Tea Party were very lucky when they started throwing eggs at the bus that the participants were peace loving people. This could change in the end.