Friday, April 9, 2010

Has Obama Gone Mad?

In our dismal ray of hope that Obama is capable of securing our country from attacks he shows his Marxist, Socialistic agenda once again.
It appears he is more concerned about our enemies feelings that about our people.

Today Obama signed his nuclear treaty with Russia. His strategy is to have zero nuclear weapons within 10 to 11 years. Unfortunately this strategy will work for the good of our enemy not for Americans. This will create new incentives for Countries to continue developing nuclear weapons.

The Russians will not give up their weapons because Obama wishes it. Moscow has said they will not stop their program but they are very happy for Obama to do so.

I am sure Iran is jumping up and down with joy in hearing this. The Heritage Foundation has said "The President’s arms control 'road' is more likely to lead to a new arms race, rather than to 'zero'.”

Basically what Obama is saying is if they nuke us with chemical or biological weapons we should not retaliate the same way.
I can hear Hugo Chavez now, This is great news people. Let's go over and nuke the US with chemical weapons then tell them we are sorry.Under their new treaty they can't do anything.

Obama is trying to buy respect from foreign Countries by saying I guess we could deserve this so we won't hold it against you. Foreign leaders are laughing at his stupidity.

This is better than his announcement of what month we will pull our troops out of Afghanistan. This man has to be stopped before he destroys our entire Country. When he first came into office my greatest fear was Socialism. It has now gone far beyond that. What we are facing if he continues could be Communism or government dictatorship.

I feel the man is mentally unstable and should be challenged.

Many Countries hate us so we are supposed to lay down our defenses and say we are sorry. I find it hard to believe Americans would let this happen to future generations.

Rush Limbaugh is calling Obama Dr Kevorkian, saying he is commiting National Suicide on our Country. He also stated Obama announced he has given the Secret Service new rules of engagement in order to lessen the threats to public officials. Secret Service agents, government body guards are not allowed to shoot any attacker who has a prior criminal record. If someone is shooting at you, are you going to ask if he or she has a criminal record?

Has the stability of our safety been lowered to a point of uncertainty in dealing with our enemy?
My fear is the only ones he might nuke are the Tea Party Participants.


  1. It's all very shocking. How does he get away with destroying our nation ? :(

  2. Fortunately, our Constitution calls for a treaty to be consented to by two thirds of the Senate.....much to the dismay, I am sure, of our enemies and their Puppet In Chief.

  3. I agree with you FF. Obama has to be mentally off. Never in history have I seen anyone as radical and as far off base as he is. I just posted on the question of the week and made the statement I have never felt as unsecure as I do now. I believe what Rush says is true, he is commiting national suicide. My roommate is reading this and wants to make a statement. So I'll sign off. See ya next time.

  4. Mad Sally's Roommate10/4/10 4:03 PM

    That was an excellent article FF. I can't believe the stupidity of this man when it comes to dealing with the country. Sally and I argue all the time, but this time I go along with what she says 100%. I guess I need to go ahead and sign up as a follower. Bet you didn't think you'd ever hear that! By the way we are going to attend a Tea Party. The pictures on RFA are very good.

  5. Yes Obama has gone mad. They can nuke us and use chemical warfare and we won't retaliate because we have idots leading our country. We have forgotten racism, now it's back, thanks to our leader. Kick the SOB out!!

  6. Work on your Congressmen, they need to be enlightened to what Obama is trying to do. If this goes through our Country is in dire trouble. Laurence is correct about the 2/3 approval of the Senate, but I do not trust the Progressives to abide by the rules of the Constitution. They are sneakiest bunch of idiots we have ever had in office.

  7. Obama pushed health care through, then signed the nuclear treaty and now will probably try to make illegals legal. At the speed he is moving at he could possibly ruin this country by the end of the year. No one feels safe anymore, it's almost becoming a matter of survival.

  8. Nuclear reduction could be good for all of us, but not in the way he is going about it.

  9. Rebel Bill11/4/10 4:34 PM

    Darn right the man's crazy. It's like the old saying you get slapped and turn the other cheek. If someone tries to Nuke us, I believe we oughta blow them off the face of the earth. As far as I'm concerned, they can take the Liberals with them.

  10. Well, it looks like I got on here too late because everyone is saying the things I was thinking. Except for one thing, what kind of cigarettes is he smoking?

  11. Constitution Believer11/4/10 8:41 PM

    How many are you smokin ken, i think the article was great. I disagree with some of it but at least freedom fighter stated comments I agree with and disagree with. I think it is time to stand up to what our officials are doing and start making some sense. I am a liberal and I don't agree with everything. I went to your site, one time only.

  12. Dem Reject12/4/10 3:10 PM

    I think the article was great too, but I also like Ken want to know what they are smoking. We all disagree with certain things, but working together will be our only solution to win. I agree with ff, I think Obama is nutty as a fruitcake and destroying our country.

  13. Constitution Believer, with Obama's policies he has one goal, that is to make this country a socialized country or worse. The truth hurts don't it?

  14. Wes Norman13/4/10 5:20 PM

    The Pres is definitely out to destroy this country. Ever since he has come into office, we seem to go farther down. I hope for all of our sake we can do something in the future. There is no doubt in my mind he's nuts.

  15. concerned gramps14/4/10 5:21 PM

    Well put FF he has gone mad. i'm so afraid for my grandchildren. do you think they have a chance? What a dumb thing for Obama to do, i think congress can veto this can't they?