Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obama's Army Ready to be Deployed Before November Elections

Many Americans are outraged over 80,000 troops being place on our soil before the November vote.
The troops have been training at Fort Stewart, Georgia and will be under the command of Obama. They have been renamed the Special Force. They are the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry.
The prupose of this Army is to give Obama the power to use them if civil unrest breaks out in our Country this summer.
The Tea Parties have already seen people coming to instigate problems and break them up. I have seen this at the Amarillo Tx, rally and also at Searchlight, Nv.
Withe the Dems facing large losses this November this would give a Obama a reason to shut them down. When the Tea Parties participants reacte back in anger he could deploy his Army on them.
I have written two articles on this in the last year in hopes we could prepare our readers of what the future could hold, I recommend you read these. The first is Death To The Constitution -  Interpol. The second International Crime Court Could Be America's Future.
If martial Law is declared Obama could shut down the elections. This could be his strong hold in 2012. If this happens we could experience how dictatorship is enacted by a Country.
Read what Anthony Martin of the Conservative Examiner has to say.
It is not that long but definitely worth spreading around. Feel to share my article with all of your friends. We have to get the word out before it is too late.


  1. Rebel Bill15/4/10 8:23 PM

    As you stated in your last post, the man's an idiot. I would like to learn more on this, it definitely gets your attention. If he can enact something like this, I can't see where our country has a chance. If the vote could be stopped to get Dems out, it seems like we're just butting our heads against the wall.

  2. Good Grief! What is this country coming to? We have to do something about this President and the control he has in Congress. He will do anything he can to retain the control he has and seems to delight in the fact we do not like what he is doing. His own personal Army .... Just what we need.

  3. Your article definitely gives a person something to think about. For all of our sake, let's hope he doesn't use it in the wrong way. If he does people will have voted in a dictator and not a President!

  4. I saw Radical Richard's post on FB and went to the Redneck site, when I got there I found Freedom Fighter's blog and was very impressed. It is very well written and opened my eyes to a lot of things. I will definitely be back to the Freedom Trail.

  5. Guys I don't know what to say... This has been like a bad nightmare that keeps on going and getting worse.
    Our Ancestors fought for freedom, our fathers and grandfathers fought against Communism to preserve our freedoms. Here we are being degraded to a 3rd world country and socialism like never before.

    I want to know why we have a govt that goes against its people - lets the illegals in and crime is escalating within and from across the borders.

  6. I look back when I was a died in the wool Dem, it's too bad the Prez has brought our Nation to the point of hating all government. I agree with Jason, if we can't stop this DICTATOR in 2010 our Country is lost and there will be a Civil War.

  7. It's sad when you think what this country has come to. It appears everything we as Veterans did in order to keep our country free was to no avail. If Obama comes in and uses an army of our own troops against us, then not only is he going against the Constitution, but I believe he will start another Civil War.

  8. concerned gramps18/4/10 12:07 PM

    it's scary to think what they are doing to us. I believe this man would put troops against americans. For the sake of my grandchildren we need to kep this from happening

  9. concerned gramps18/4/10 12:09 PM

    i don't see how a bunch of illegals can come to America and think that as us paying taxes gives them the right to have our money. Back in the old days we had border control, they shot em.

  10. Mad Sally's Roommate18/4/10 4:53 PM

    I really hope everyone's wrong about his army. To me this would create the biggest nightmare we face. I hope for all of our sake this doesn't happen.

  11. Freedom Fighter, this is a matter of great concern to all of us. I understand this 'army' has been around for awhile, but to think this man could use it on the us is unconstititional.
    Does he not know we will fight back?

  12. I guess we are getting one step closer to Socialism. With each passing day it gets scarier. However, I do not feel that our US Military Troops would fire upon their fellow Americans, unless the incident was a major terrorist threat to the welfare of the citizens.
    Is Obama so afraid of not becoming a dictator and world leader that he can brainwash 80,000 of our troops?

  13. I do not argue that there has been a special army created, I know there was as a "hidden" provision of the HCR bill. But the number cited for the size of the force was 6,000 troops.

    Do you have a source for the 80.000 figure? I've seen 80,000 blogged about, but I don't know where the number came from.

  14. John, I have heard there were 22,000 to 30,000. I can't confirm that. It is hard to say.
    I don't think the Army will be used violently against the citizens.

  15. John - When I first started checking it out the 80,000 originated from Anthony Martin of the Conservative Examiner (link in article above) you could then click on the 80,000 that linked you to MYFoxOrlando. I just went back to it and the page is not there anymore.