Friday, June 4, 2010

A Day In The Life Of Obama

As this presidency goes forward it begins to look like Comedy Central. If it was not putting our country in jeopardy it would be one knee slapping joke after another.

I can see Michelle of a morning saying Barack, you get out from under that bed and go to work! You are the President and we have to transform this country. Later as they are sunbathing on the beach, Michelle asks Obama to put sunscreen on her back. He wants to know which kind, "Sunscreen or Gulf Oil?"

On a recent trip to Louisiana, Napolitano fell into the water. Upon returning to DC she met with Obama to report her findings. Upon entering the Oval Office the president jumps up from his desk, grinning with open arms he greets her saying "Welcome home, bro!"

After 30 days of listening to Conservatives and now Liberals saying he should respond to the oil spill problems, he decides to visit the coast. Walking along the beach he picks up a couple of tar balls and later tells reporters DC is on top of the problem.

Governor Bobby Jindal (R-La) wanted to build sand berms along the beach to absorb the oil and keep it from the marshlands. DC told him not to but gave no alternative solutions to the problem. Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Az) e-mailed him saying "don't pay any attention to the Federal Government. Protect your state in the manner you feel best."
Sarah Palin tweeted him this message "Gov.Jindal:to avoid ravished coast, build the berms.Ask forgiveness later;Feds are slow to act,local leadership&action can do more for coast"

Has Obama gone mad or is this another ploy to proceed with his going green and stop drilling. Governors are not supposed to protect their states from disasters or border jumpers who are stealing, kidnapping and killing innocent people. Is this part of his plan to transform America or his inexperience in running a country?

It is time to bring some lawmakers into office who know what is happening and cares for Americans. I agree with the saying remember in November, but think we should add to it, dump a Liberal in November. I don't care if they are Republicans or Democrats, if they are not for Americans Boot Them Out!  Let's get back to our grass roots.

STOP - Breaking news. BP has now agreed to pay for 6 barriers to be built at the cost of about $300 million.
Jindal told BP in a news conference to sign the contract and bring in the dredges or give us the money and get out of our way.
It is good new to hear a Governor can get it done when DC can't.


Freedom Fighter


  1. At least we have 2 governors and an ex-gov. who aren't afraid to stand up for our rights.
    I think your description of a day in Obama's life is correct! lol

  2. Rebel Bill5/6/10 1:41 PM

    I think his slow response to the oil spill is done so purposely so he can push his green project through. At this point I don think he really wants to see this oil spill stop until it becomes such a disaster it will take a miracle to cope with it. When that happens he will be able to look at us and say "See I told ya so, now do you believe I am the great one?"

  3. FF, LOL and SERIOUS too! Palin, Jindal and Brewer are to be commended for their voisterous opinions. Our country needs more representatives just like them!
    There is no reason for the administration to have waited so long before responding! Jindal was doing all he could and received no help!!
    Action is what this country wants and thank goodness we are seeing action happen in our states.
    FF, it is a ploy! He has already stopped all offshore drilling! Of course he wants to promote the global warming which we already know is a farce. God Bless This Country! We need it!

  4. Put the fun and games into it! It's really true!
    But where do we finally say it is time to come down to our country? And it is time we finally fight for our country and finally kick the d--- a-- out.

  5. It's true it would be like watching a soap opera on TV, if everything that was happening didn't destroy us. You see the pictures of the wildlife in the gulf and it's sad. I'm sure it affects Obama hard, he's probably out on the golf course or playing basketball today.

  6. I agree it's time to bring some lawmakers into office who will stand up for the people. Too many times they have twisted their power around to benefit themselves.

  7. Mad Sally's Roommate6/6/10 5:14 PM

    Actually I can't agree all the way with you on this one FF. You appear to have been bored when you wrote this, but I loved the part about putting the oil on Michelle's back.

  8. LOL! How true this could be a typical day in the Life Of Obama! I am sure he is now relaxing in a hot tub or playing basketball. He could be entertaining a Beatle. More than likely the oil spill is President George Bush's fault, so he has no need to react.

  9. Creative start to your post last week hehe!

    Anyway referring to what you said:
    "It is time to bring some lawmakers into office who know what is happening and cares for Americans."
    I sure Hope and Pray we can find enough decent lawmakers that will live by our constitution and do something good for the country and for US the people they represent ..

  10. Yes! Lets Boot Them Out if they are not for US the people. Some of the new cadidates appear to be represent grass roots. Something has to change and quickly. We have a president representing this country is so faaaar to the left, he's about out of bounds. This oil spill shuold have been top priority for his administration, but just like the recent bombings and attempts don't react now wait till something drastic happens.

  11. The circus will go on as long as we have the clowns in office we do today, begining with the white house. He cares nothing about this country and I firmly believe he is going to take it down.

  12. concerned gramps8/6/10 2:52 PM

    the only thing left out of this article was who is Obama blaming for this mess? he's not going mad FF, he is mad, he wants to know whose ass to kick. Then we will know who he is going to blame.

  13. The biggest joke is really on us for submitting to a bunch of whackos who forced companies to drill for oil at a depth twice that of the implied crush depth of a nuclear sub. They are the ones who deserve the presidential-ass-kicking....not that this guy is man enough to do it

  14. No he isn't the man to dish out an ass kicking, just a devastating tongue lashing. He's all mouth and ears. I don't know what good the big ears are as he does not use them to hear the people.

  15. Great comment, Greg. He is deaf to the people of the US.
    Now all he talks about is meeting with scientists to determine what should be done in the Gulf. I wonder if he listens to them too.

  16. I just heard the administration approved the plans BP had for this offshore rig just last year when it was drilled. I wonder who approved them, if they were faulty plans? And so we are back to the blame game. Isn't that Obama's biggest deal "He Did It".
    We have wasted too much time on this matter, it's time to fix this mess and hopefully be able to save the beautiful shores and marinelife along the Florida Coast.