Thursday, September 9, 2010

Death To Christians and Americans

As Sat Sept 11 draws closer America waits to see what the repercussion will be. The Dove World Outreach Church has vowed to continue with the Quran burning in spite of threats of death. Muslims have threatened to burn or bomb the church. General Petraus said "This will place an undo burden on our troops fighting in Afghanistan." The Muslim countries have said they will kill Christians and Americans if the burning takes place. They stated no one will be safe. Muslims are beginning to gather in numbers protesting what the church is doing. Here is an e-mail I received from a dear friend and patriot I would like to share with you. I will give my answer to it after you read it.

True Christians Will Not Burn the Koran in Hatred
"I am one who has been wary of the spread of Islam for quite some time.   One of many who, even prior to 911, knew of the danger of Islamic jihad but was silent about the dangers posed by violent jihad due to  cowardice in standing against political correctness,  I no longer fall into that category....I am  definably, proudly, one of the infidels. 
That being said, I am writing this to stand in firm opposition to any group which promotes or supports any organized effort to burn a Koran (or a hundred Korans).  Any group that does this, or supports such action is not true to patriotism, conservatism, and most certainly of all, not true to Christianity.  This is an act of pure hatred, and the belittlement of another religion is NOT Christian ideology (even though it is obviously an accepted practice of Islam). 
Christians as individuals and as congregations are supposed to emulate the teachings and actions of Jesus Christ.  Is there anyone who can fathom Jesus burning a Koran, or even encouraging such an action?  This group which calls itself a Christian church is not just burning Korans ...they are spitting in the face of Jesus and His teachings. 
Many of us recognize the blatant hatred and disrespect towards the United States represented by the proposed mosque near Ground Zero.  And it is obvious that this is in keeping with the Islamic tradition of building dynamic mosques near the sites of their most significant victories.  It is right for us to be mad.  It is right for us to do all within our power to stop this mosque from being built, and to stop the spread of radical Islam.  In fact I believe it is our duty, even to the extent that we may be forced in the future to physically defend our ground.  But aggressive, petty acts of hatred and prejudice do not serve our cause and only plays into the Islamisists' plan to build hatred against US citizens. 
And, yes, I recognize that people and groups have the right to burn Korans.....that doesn't mean they should.  True Christians, and patriots will not stoop to the level of hatred shown by the Islamists."
Although this person is a very good friend I would have to oppose his statement you can not be a true Patriot or Christian if you burn a Quran  in hatred. If I was given a Quran and wanted to dispose of it I would follow their 3 laws in the proper procedure to rid myself of it Burn it -  Bury it - or Give it to someone else. As for me I would burn it.

I do not agree Christians are spitting in Jesus' face if you stand against a group of people out to destroy a nation.

Did God not give Samson the power to destroy an army with the jaw bone of an ass? Did He not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because Lot could not find any righteous people?

I do not stand by what this church is doing but I would not pass judgment on any person stating they cannot be a Christian because they burn garbage. Are we spitting in Jesus' face when He says "Vengeance is mine" and "Though shall not kill" by sending troops overseas to protect what our country is built upon.

The preacher has said if the White house calls asking him not to do this he will stop it.

If America does not stand up for our freedom, we will see it vanish. 
As the statement goes "Freedom Is Not Free."

I will not give my friends name out of respect but I do hope he comments on this blog and leaves his link. He is a blogger also and a very good one.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

News Flash! 
A news broadcast has been released that the pastor of the World Outreach Church has been contacted and has stopped the burning set for Saturday!

Word is also out that the 911 Mosque site will be moved, but at this time I have not confirmed it.
I would still like to hear your comments on this, Let's see how the weekend plays out. 

Freedom Fighter


  1. I can not believe your comment came up so fast. We had just posted the blog minutes ago. Thank-you for sending me to the link desecrate a Qu'ran. I found it quite enlightening.

  2. Christian Carol9/9/10 6:02 PM

    I came to your blog from fb and got mad. I'm a devout Christian who stands against the Koran. Nobody walking this earth has the right to say I'm not a Christian because I oppose this religion.
    Thank you for your statement that we are not spitting in the face of Jesus for fighting to defend our country.
    My son has spent two tours over there and knows that we have to defend what we stand for.
    Thank you for listening to me as I am a firm believer in the Bible. We can't wait for Christ to do our work for us, we have to give him a hand, it's our responsibility.

  3. Well how quickly things change in this day in age huh? But has anything really changed since your post? Will the muslims stick by their word for a change and not lie as is permitted in the quran?

    I plan to listen to Gadi Adelman and Dr Thomas Ahmed discussing unfolding events tonight at 9p est on Windows to Liberty internet radio !!

  4. Thank heavens the burning of the Koran has been stopped. I think this will help our country prevail without war.
    Freedom F, you say you quote from the Bible, but do you really know anything about the Bible?

    Samson received his power from God. When God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah it was by his will not Lot trying to make deals with him. If you know anything about the Bible, Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt because she looked back at the city when God told them not to. The statement you made, are we spitting on Jesus because of the fact we defend our country is very out of place. It's God's place to do vengeance and have wrath, not that of a human.
    I fully disagree with what you have written and take you off as an fb friend. Read the Bible and try to understand what you're writing.
    Good bye and God Bless.

  5. Your domineering belief that Muslims will not impose their law on the United States is wrong. Your belief in Christianity has been founded by 1,000's of years of untruths. A young sheepherder found scrolls that have never been brought into your Bible, disputing how your religion was built and how our belief was built. Send your religious propaganda all over the world. I disagree with it. Your holy shroud has not proved to be Jesus but only an idle time to let scientists have something to do.
    Where is your religion the only religion determining how the world will end? You do not have the right to speak against a religion.


    Got that Anonymous? Its not ever happening - better run fast before we bite ya back *

  7. 1Tea-edTexan10/9/10 9:52 AM

    How interesting, mr. anonymous asserts that Freedom Fighter, the sponsor of this website, has no right to "speak against a relegion" but the same mr. annoyingus assumes the right to condemn other belief and uses this platform to vent his bigotry.

  8. Please take time tomorrow September 11th to pay your respects to the families and victims of 911 who were murdered by the hands of Muslims.
    We are asking everyone to fly their flags at half mast.

  9. Mad Sally's Roommate10/9/10 8:19 PM

    I'm afraid of what could happen tomorrow, if the burning goes through. As once a Dem and now a Lib like you said, I feel it could put our country in jeopardy. I stand by what you said about opposing a friend, we're not as a Christian nation spitting in Jesus' face, when we protect our country.

    As far as Anonymous' comment I think he/she is a muslim who can't accept reality. I stand by you because you will say what you think.

    Keep fighting the good fight, even if it has to be with your friends.

    And yes my prayers will go out to the families and the victims of 911 that were murdered by muslims.

  10. Rebel Bill10/9/10 9:14 PM

    FF, I disagree with you. There's only one way to handle it. When they bend over on their mats to pray, kick em in the ass all the way back to their country. We shouldn't burn their bibles, we ought to shit on them. If tomorrow starts a war let's go for the gusto. There's three things to remember in America: you don't tug on superman's cape; you don't pull the mask of the Lone Ranger; and you don't let a bunch murdering bast---s shit on America. My flag will fly at half mast tomorrow.

  11. upsetindenver11/9/10 7:10 AM

    All of America's flags will fly at 1/2 mast today. We will never forget the damage those murdering, suicidal Islams did to our country.

    I am very concerned what today will bring. Muslims around the world are rallying to show their hatred for America. There are supposedly other churches planning to burn the Koran.

    I pray for all the Patriots who will be at Ground Zero and other rallies today. 911 is a sacred day of remembrance for Americans.

  12. FF, good points. I am glad they didn't burn the Koran. I just wonder why no one is protesting the fact they are burning our Flag, Our Bible, and Crosses. They don't want us to burn their Koran, (although that is one way they honor in disposing of the Koran) but it is ok for them to desecrate our Bible, Flag and the Holy Cross. Makes no sense to me.
    Hopefully nothing horrible happens today in America.

    This is a special day of remembrance and the damage that was done to America on 911 will never be forgotten. The horrible pictures of that day will live in the hearts of Americans forever. I still cry when I see all the pictures.
    Say a silent prayer for all the victims and their families.

    God Bless Americans and Christians throughout the world.

  13. I walked out this morning with Tea Party Deanie and a tear rolled down my cheek as we raised our Flag at half mast and I thought about a beloved friend that stated I can not be a Christian and spitted in Jesus's face if I burn a Koran in anger. I will deal with the Laws of Islam, even under anger, in disposing of the Koran and I will burn it in anger or not. I love the man who sent the e-mail that Freedom Fighter answered, but I stand against him all the way. I am not a Christian, as he says and I am not spitting in the face of Jesus Christ because I oppose a so called religion that can kill women and children. If this man can not stand opposition I will go to hell and back fighting for it.

    When you look at the innocent victims that died at the hands of Muslims, yet that is their law, then I will oppose this so called religion.

    When do we let God step in and let the integrity of America which we were built upon dispose of ignorance and take back our integrity?

    No I am not spitting in the face of Jesus when I will stand against a Muslim trying to destroy our County.

    Our leader of the nation whom I believe to be a Muslim, on the day of our fallen innocent civillians for the first time remembered to actually put his hand over his heart for the National Anthym. And now he proclaims a mosque to be a tribute to all religions towering above all of New York City as community center where all religions can go to pray.

    I say to hell with Obama, to hell with radical muslims.

    Sadness is given to the man arrested who burned pages of the Koran at the mosque site two blocks away from Ground Zero. I would have stood beside him. This is a religion or law that I will oppose to my death. To those that oppose the mosque may God be the dominate factor and not people.

    May God Bless America, and all Christians in the World.

  14. While I do not condone the burning of the Koran any more than I would the burning of the Bible, I do respect the reasoning behind the man who burned the pages of the Koran. He does have the right of freedom of speech. I am a Christian and will be until the day I die. I will do what ever it takes to insure that Islam will not overtake the country I love so much.

  15. Texas Teacher12/9/10 3:24 PM

    I was happy to see the Koran was not publicly burned because of the possible repercussions of another war. I find it hard to believe that the president can welcome these people to Ground Zero after the pain and suffering imposed by their hands. It took many years after the Civil War to bring the North and South back together. I believe we will have to see a drastic change in their beliefs before they will be accepted as a Godly group and not a radical group.

  16. At the rally at the Mosque site held on 911 a brave man boldly tore pages out of the Koran and burned them. As I am very religious and cherish the Bible I would be offended to see some one burning it. The Koran demands much torture to Muslims and infidels, it is filled with hate and should not be practiced in this country. The Holy Bible does not insist on hate or us killing other religions. While I am not for an organized burning of the Koran I have to say I believe the Koran should be banned from America.

    We need to learn what they are planning to do to us and understand what this all means. Yet we won't learn, WE would rather bicker back and forth at each other no less * about a thing such as the morals of burning a book.

    This disturbs me !!! Wake Up America !! Get some feeking Focus on the reality here instead of all these side issues.

  18. We do need to stop concentrating on the book burning. This country is in a very dangerous situation. Our borders are not secure we, we have a potus who believes America is no longer Christian. He appears partial to the Islams.
    We must unite and bring the country back to a form of unity. November will determine our future.

  19. We better worry what the Imam Rauf is really all about. There are many scrupulous actions being done by this man.
    We better worry about the November elections. If November elections don't make a turn for the Conservatives, we won't have any control against Socialism.

    I am working hard to keep all my friends informed about this administration. Several of us get together and try to understand what is going on in our country. We are very worried.
    Know who you vote for in November.

  20. With or without the burning of the Koran, it is a fact that Muslims only believe in their faith, and infidels must die.
    The onslaught of terrorism in the world mainly stems from radical Islam.
    Why aren't those people who so blatantly oppose the burning speaking out against the Muslims who burned the bible and desecrated our flag?
    God help the Christians in this country and throughout the world.

  21. We worry about burning a book when we hear nor see nothing of atrocities. Well look at this, see how you feel about muslims and islams book today. Btw this is a gentle video of what they are doing. I have access to ones that will make you sick to your stomach, but will wake you all up. You will never even consider bickering over book burnings again as long as you all shall live.
    Let me know anybody if you want to see what they are doing to women and men, those people do not get off lightly like this little innocent boy I can assure YOU.

  22. PP, thanks for sharing. This is an atrocity to mankind. I have seen some of the other videos and may want some to post around to get the word out.

    I wonder where the United Nations Humanitarian Committee is? I guess since Hilary sent the Arizona SB1070 to them, they are too busy researching the bill to be bothered with things like this.