Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Story Of Peace

I have been told by some of my readers with Christmas upon us I need more holiday spirit. I should stop talking about old news and politics for a while. Although this will be hard to do I will give it my best shot.

I have been fortunate enough to travel overseas and see how many people live. I have seen the shacks, polluted water and poor conditions they endure.

The story below is not of one person but many I have seen. Some from my travels and others from Viet Nam. Our rewards do not come from silver and gold but often from the heart.

A Christmas Story

I sat on the lonely street which had become my home watching happy faces of holiday shoppers passing. The children voices rang with joy as they hustled down the street waiting for Christmas Day. Occasionally someone would stop to toss some loose change in my hat. I was cold, lonely and afraid as I questioned the reason for my existence. My mind drifted back to younger days when I had hope and dreams to pursue.

My Country said they needed me so I went without question. I gave all I could including 2 limbs so Americans could live free. When I returned home I was scorned and spit upon. The people who needed me had forgotten. 

One morning while sitting outside a Church listening to the pastor I knew there was a ray of hope. I had found a friend. I had little to give but helped as much as I could.

The years passed as Father Time began to take its toll. The body was growing weaker as my time grew closer. I knew when my eyes closed that day they would never open again. Fear filled me as I felt the hand of death moving ever closer.

Then anger took over as I looked back on my life. I had no home, family or friends. I had no where to turn. As I felt the last breath leaving my body I heard a gentle voice speaking. "It said hurry my Son, your home awaits you, your rewards are many. You will sit beside me at the feasts of all feasts. You have fought the good fight." A beautiful voice in the background was singing Amazing Grace, I was home.

Take time to give thanks and embrace in the joy of Christmas but never let your guard down. We must remember a leader who was elected, then heard the songs of our children singing his praises. We also must remember an administration of hatred who is taking away our future.

Let you hope be that we will still have the freedom next year to celebrate Christmas in the manner we wish. How quickly Freedom can be removed.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter


  1. It is sad how our veterans were treated. Now is a good time to share with those who are less fortunate than you. You don't have to look very hard this year, there are many troubled souls around the corner.

  2. FF, you don't appear to be a poetry writer. With everything going on in our country today, I think you better go back to your old way of writing. I was so disgusted when I saw young school children on TV singing their praises to Nobama I almost puked! The Christmas season is great to remember, but so is our future.

  3. Rebel Bill2/12/10 7:51 PM

    Come on FF, get back to reality. We're facing some of the roughest times we've seen and you're writing stories. I was so bored I almost fell asleep on part of it. Get back to your old kick butt self of writhing. If I wanted to read fairy tales I could pick up Mary had a little lamb.

  4. What I saw last year was sad when I saw grade school kids singing the presidents praises. You're right we can't drop our guard. They're trying to push everything they can that's going to take our money away.

  5. I'm liking a little mix of Christmas Season. Good Job :) .

  6. FF, how fortunate for you to have traveled so much. Your story makes one wonder just how many lonely souls there are in this world. If I can help just one of them I will be happy.

  7. Concerned Gramps4/12/10 3:16 PM

    Too many times we do look at all the gifts instead of what the season is about. I have some friends who came back from war and were forgot.
    i hope all of you have a good Christmas.

  8. While we are busy celebrating the Christmas Holiday, Congress thinks they will pass laws that will forever destroy this country during this holiday season. Do they think we aren't watching and noticing. We express our opinions and they just ignore us. I won't relax until a new Congress is seated in Jan.

  9. This is my first visit to your blog, I have read a few of your previous post and will be back to read more of them.
    This is a good way to begin the Christmas Holiday Season. We still have to keep our eyes and ears open the administration wants to pass all kind of c##p before they leave office.

    Usually I don't want the season to end, this year the new year can't get here quick enough. 2011 will bring change to our country and DC.

  10. FF, quite a different article from you, but from your heart. Thanks for sharing and yes I do wonder what kind of a Christmas we will be celebrating next year.

  11. FF, the story was good but it's not you. I enjoy the arguments that get started here. Wish everybody a Merry Christmas then get back to your old way of writing.

  12. Touching Christmas Story Freedom Fighter.
    I to hope people are more giving to others this year. We all are a little poorer than we were last year but let our love for Christ and our fellow man guide us to share at least our hearts and not forget those that have sacrificed for us and our freedom.
    Best wishes to all, but mostly to our Vetrans this eve of Pearl Harbor Day.

  13. Thanks for the nice story, at this time of chaos in our country we need something to brighten up our lives and remind the meaning of the season.
    ABurke, how nice of you to remember (and remind us) this sad day in history. Our military should be honored every day of the year.