Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Government Funds Mosques While Muslims Prepare On March 3rd To March In DC

The integrity of Government leadership has becom the stench of Government control flowing from the bowels of Congress.

It is time for our leaders to wake up and understand what they are doing in America could become the revolution we see in the Middle East.

Six million dollars is being used to fund Islamic Mosques around the world It is being used in the name of Cultural Preservation. The State Department is using our money to help Mr. Rauf's dream come true on building his Mosque at Ground Zero where our World Trade Center once stood.

This is a slap in the face to Patriots who saw their loved ones killed on 9-11 by bastards who care about nothing more than killing Americans.

On a radio show the other night which I was a guest host, I was asked, "Do you think we will see a revolution?" Friends, it has already begun. The integrity of America has been drug through the gutter. I believe the people of this Nation will stand up and say our Constitution will prevail. Our children will have the chance to live the American Dream in spite of Obama's desire for Big Government Control.

To make it worse Muslims plan to March in DC on March 3rd. They are calling for us to adopt Sharia Law into our Country as the ultimate law of the world.

The leader is U. K.'s Anjem Chaudary. He is partners with the New York "Islamic Thinkers Society." These people believe America will bow to Islamic Law even though they desecrate our flag. They believe the Koran to be the literal law of Allah.

They are calling on Muslims across America to rise in order to implement Sharia Law on our Country.
The march is to take place March 3, 2011 from 1 to 4pm local time. 
One way they lure non-Muslims into Sharia is with the Islamic welfare system. This makes me wonder if they have been watching Obama.

I hope this march will be met with the dispursement of radical terrorists. It would also be nice to see some Government leadership step in but I'm sure we will not see that happen.

The revolution has begun. If we hope to hold our values true, which our Forefathers embedded in writing, we must take a stand. Liberty can not prevail with our backs turned. If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. Maybe it is time we sit down and get loaded! The terminology of a statement is how one sees it in their eyes.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard


  1. Rebel Bill1/3/11 3:02 PM

    Well said, RR. If we are not in the middle of a revolution I don't know what we are in. The Tea Parties started something that was based on our Constitutional Rights. We began speaking for the people of this country. What is happening in Wisconsin is the Unions not wanting to give anything for the betterment of that state.
    Have you seen some of their signs??? Hate is everywhere. Media is being attacked and the people sure aren't protesting in an orderly manner.

  2. The revolution began in 2008 when a non-American got elected to the presidency. I am ready cause I am stocking up on guns, ammo, and food. Are you ready to rumble?

  3. I don't own a gun and have never even touched one. Some of my friends, all single mothers, are talking about getting one and I am at the point I am going to join them and take the gun course.

    Anonymous, I'm not sure I'm ready to rumble yet but I am very scared. What kind of gun do I need?

  4. I just read an article that more women are buying guns than ever before. Fortunately they are taking the gun class and getting their permits to carry a concealed weapon. I have never owned a gun but am seriously considering getting one. I think it is a good idea.

  5. Rebel Rouser1/3/11 7:37 PM

    My vote goes with RR and Anonymous. The revolution has already started and I think it's going to get worse. Unlike Anonymous I may not have all my food ready but my guns and ammo are loaded and ready.

    In response to sadmom if you're going to purchase a gun, I suggest you start off small and work your way up. I recommend starting off with an AK47 and work your way up to a grenade launcher. If you need any more advice, just let me know.

  6. What's an AK47? Will it fit in my purse?

  7. The Middle East is in a violent revolution which I hope we never see in this country. I think we are civilized enough to refrain from a blood bath...but look at the violence that is flowing from the dems in Wisconsin. I hope it stays mild like it is now, but as time goes on and nothing gets settled it could escalate. Good advice Anonymous. BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING.

  8. Mississippi Mud3/3/11 3:01 PM

    Sadmom, don't let these clowns jerk you around. You better have a very big purse to carry it in. I would suggest going to a gun dealer with someone knowledgeable about guns with you and look at a few different ones. And then go to a gun class to get used to it. If you know anyone who has pistols you might go to a firing range to try them out.

    To the advice givers you bullies are worse than I am. Give the poor girl a break. Without a doubt with the way our country is going we will need guns.

  9. I think you're understanding of Muslims lacks informative knowledge. We are not a Nation or a people of hate. I and my Muslim associates do not agree with the ideals of Anjem Chaudary and would not be affiliated with their march on DC. By the way which they cancelled at the last minute.
    We, the majority of Muslims in this country are not here to take control of America. We want to be a part of this country and the values it was founded on. I am a practicing Muslim but do not believe in Jihad on Infidels or all the beliefs of Sharia Law.

  10. In response to amuslim,
    I believe Muslim = Sharia Law = Jihad = The Koran

    If you do not believe in Sharia Law and Jihad how can you believe in the Koran? I do respect you for standing against Chaudray, he is an enemy to the world. I don't understand how this country could even give the Freedom Hater a permit to rally in DC and spread the crap that he does.

  11. 1Tea-edTexan4/3/11 3:25 PM

    Sadmom and Teri...Here's an imprtant tip...If you are considering buying a handgon, DO IT NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN! Choosing the "right" weapon can be very confusing and can depend on such things as your body frame, physical strength, weight and size of the weapon, overall purpose of the weapon, firepower needed, cost and even your vision and tolorance for loud noise. I suggest you find a friend who is knowledgable in weaponry to help you in your choice and use of your purchase. Yes, I still believe there are some good guys that will be you friend with no strings attached. Many ladiew who have taken the gun safety course are profecient and could become your mentor. Go to some gun shows, talk to shoppers as well as dealers. Be carefu of those who just want to sell you something. One word of CAUTION, when you go to a range, you most often have to "log-in" declaring your name, residence and your weapon. Also when applying for a permit or take gun safety classes you give the same information. Although this is about the same personal informaqtion you give when you purchase a weapon, it is just another way for "them" to know who you are, where you live and what wepons you have and when weapons are confiscated...guess what...you are on the list. Think it can happen? think again and check out the history of gun control (confiscation) in other countries. Good luck

  12. Thanks, 1Tea-edTexan. I think your advice is the best.

  13. Good advice Texan. Too many people just go out and get a gun and don't know what the consequences are. I already have my concealed carry permit and carry a pistol everywhere I go.
    I have a Smith & Wesson Sigma 40VE and feel very comfortable with it.

  14. Yes our country is in a revolution and has been since the election of the illegal occupying the oval office. I still wonder why Congress doesn't investigate the legitimacy of that muslim.

  15. It's hard to believe they cancelled. How the hell are the radical muslims going to take over our country when they can't even make their own protest. It stinks like a pig farm that our govt. is giving our money to rebuild foreign mosques.
    July 4th they have their million muslim march on DC. What are we patriots doing that day?